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Scheduling FAQs and Form

Please use the Schedule Change Request Form to let us know when you need to make a change to your existing OT, PT, or SLP schedule.

Schedule Change Request Form


Scheduling Form

Q1: What is the DICP Schedule Change Request Form used for?
A: If you need to change your ongoing session day and/or time, please fill out this form in its entirety. This is for a change to your ongoing session time and is not meant to notify us about one-time changes, including holidays and vacations.
Q2: How do I alert DICP that I need to change my ongoing OT, PT, or SLP session day and/or time?
A: Please fill out the DICP Schedule Change Request Form (Google Form)
Q3: Where else can I find the form?
A: The form will be available on our website, and you can always request the link to the form from the front office.
Q4: Who do I contact with questions about the year-round schedule?
A: Our front office team is happy to answer any and all scheduling questions.

Schedule Change Process

Q5: When should I submit my request?
A: If you anticipate the need for a change, please submit your request as soon as possible. Consider submitting a schedule change request earlier than the date needed for a better chance of having ongoing sessions at your new necessary time.
Q6: Will I hear back from the front office about my request?
A: You will receive an auto-generated confirmation upon submitting the form, an email with a copy of your request, and the front office will be notified that a request has been submitted.
Q7: What will DICP do with my request?
A: Our front office will receive an email when you submit a request. We will review your request internally, and if the change is possible, it will be made and you will be contacted. If your requested day/time is not immediately available, your request will be entered on our waitlist. If/when a spot opens, we will contact you.
Q8: How will you prioritize schedule changes?
A: Requests will be handled in the order they are received (first-come, first-served).
Q9: How will I know when my new day/time is available?
A: You will receive communication from the front office if/when a time is available that aligns with your request.
Q10: How long will it take for this change to take place?
A: There is no way to estimate how long a change will take. Calendar flexibility is dependent on:
  • Therapist’s current schedule
  • Need for a weekend vs. weekday time (weekend times are in high demand)
  • Need for an after-school vs. morning time (after-school times are in high demand)
  • The number of options you provide
Q11: How do I get updates about my request?
A: We will have your request on our waiting list, please check in with the front office if you would like an update.
Q12: What happens if you can’t accommodate my request?
A: We will always do our best to accommodate scheduling requests, but we know there will be times when we cannot meet a want or need. In that instance, there are three options:
  • Remain on our waitlist for your preferred time, while keeping your current time.
  • Provide additional availability options.
  • Discontinue services with two weeks’ notice. You will remain on our waitlist if preferred.

Extended Leave and Vacations

Q13: What if I need to change my schedule for the summer only?
A: You can request to change your day and/or time when it is necessary, and if available, it will become your new ongoing time.
Q14: What if I am taking an extended vacation (a few weeks or more), during the summer or anytime?
A: Please review our policy regarding extended vacations

Extended Leave / Vacation Policy

An extended leave/vacation is generally considered (with some exceptions):

  • 4 weeks or more if your child has 1 appointment per week
  • 3 weeks or more if your child has 2 appointments per week

We cannot honor your current time(s) if you are taking an extended leave/vacation beyond the 3-4 weeks listed above. Please contact our front office to discuss the options. You will be placed back on our waitlist and may request a new ongoing therapy time that works upon your return.

Clients who alert us of their vacation plans well in advance will receive a Jane link for Viewable Availability on our treatment calendar and will need to schedule make-up sessions in a timely manner (according to the information below). A link for Viewable Availability will be shared as needed for vacations/leaves.

If you come once per week, the options are to use:

  • 2 allotted advanced notice cancellations
  • 2 rescheduled sessions (an excess cancellation fee will be applied if make-ups are not scheduled in a timely manner)

If you come once per week for more than one discipline (OT, PT, SLP), each discipline will be considered independently as listed above. For each discipline, the opinions are to use:

  • 2 allotted advanced notice cancellations
  • 2 rescheduled sessions (an excess cancellation fee will be applied if make-ups are not scheduled in a timely manner)

If you come more than once per week for any single discipline (OT, PT, SLP), for that discipline, the options are to use:

  • 3 allotted advanced notice cancellations
  • 3 rescheduled sessions (an excess cancellation fee will be applied if make-ups are not scheduled in a timely manner)
Q15: What are my options if I am traveling or need to miss more than my allowed sessions, but want to keep my spot?
A: Options include:
  • Schedule a parent conference during your session time
  • Schedule teletherapy sessions during your session time (if allowed based on the laws about out-of-state teletherapy)
Q16: My child will have more time for therapy in the summer. How can I schedule more sessions?
A: Options include:
  • Speaking to your therapist about adding additional sessions. They will direct you to work with the front office to schedule.
  • Contact the front office directly to request additional sessions.
  • Request the link for the Jane online Viewable Availability page so you can see what upcoming sessions are available.

Other Questions

Q17: Will the cancellation policy be changing?
A: Our cancellation policy will remain the same. We will still have trimesters and corresponding advanced notice cancels to allow families some flexibility.