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Community Screenings and Services

Community Based Services can include daycares, preschools, and private schools.

DICP Services List

  • Please note that rates are subject to change and may vary based on therapeutic recommendations.
  • Requests for reports are free every 6 months. If additional reports are needed, there is a cost associate.
  • The cost for community services differs slightly compared to in-clinic services in order to account for your therapist’s travel time and additional prep time to make your child’s session most effective and individualized.

Occupational Therapy

Service Cost
Evaluations – Community Based Services
Community, Limited Scope Evaluation: 1 hour
(Price includes parent conference)
In-Clinic Full Evaluation: 1.5 hours
(Price includes parent conference)
In-Clinic Additional Testing: 50 minutes $380.00
If you would like for your child to be seen within our clinic setting after completing a community based evaluation, additional testing will need to be completed in order to meet the specialized needs for this type of treatment.
Individual Therapy – Community Based Services
30-Minute Session $117.50
45-Minute Session $168.75
*50-Minute Session: Standard OT session time $225.00
Initial Treatment Session: 50-minutes
(Only offered if patient has current evaluation/progress
report within the past year)
50-Minute Group Session (2 or 3 students at a time) $205.00 per student
Parent Conference
30-Minute Parent Conference $95.00
45-Minute Parent Conference $142.50
60-Minute Parent Conference $190.00