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About Us

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Started in 1991, we are a small, privately owned pediatric therapy clinic with two locations in the Peninsula and Silicon Valley. Development Is Child’s Play provides occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy to individuals with developmental, sensory, or coordination difficulties.

Issues may include:

  • Under or overreaction to ordinary sensory experiences (e.g., reduced sensation of pain, cries during diaper change)
  • Delayed skills or poor coordination (e.g., handwriting, ball skills, bike riding, late with sitting or crawling)
  • Difficulty with transitions or changes in routine (e.g., difficulty stopping an activity, needs “warning” about upcoming event)
  • Poor organizational skills or attention skills (e.g., forgetful, loses track of items)
  • Extremely picky eating patterns/habits (e.g., limited diet, gags with food)
  • Avoidance of activities in which children the same age are usually proficient (e.g., resists arts and crafts, playground structure, sports)
  • Poor self-regulation (e.g., has “meltdowns”, doesn’t sleep through the night)
  • Speech, language, or communication difficulties
  • Gross motor coordination, mobility, range of motion, or other movement difficulties

Our Clinic

Development Is Child’s Play hires the best possible therapists and provides supervision and mentoring to develop exceptional staff. We are a training site for therapy students and interns and are an approved site to provide advanced training in sensory integration intervention for international occupational therapists. The majority of our staff is certified or is in the process of obtaining certification in the evaluation and treatment of sensory processing disorders.

Children may or may not have a diagnosis or medical history that would account for these struggles. For individuals with a diagnosis or significant history, issues may include a medical or genetic disorder (e.g., Down syndrome, Rett Syndrome), autism spectrum disorder, learning disability, attention deficit disorder, or atypical pregnancy, birth, or early development (e.g., difficult delivery, drug exposure, institutionalization, maternal or child illness). Early intervention can minimize struggles and maximize the individual’s potential.

If you would like to find out more about us or our services, please feel free to give us a call at 408-865-1365.