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If you are interested in obtaining our services, please read our
Policies, Privacy Policies and Practices, and Cancellation Policy. Then, complete and return the appropriate forms along with your initial payment.

For speech therapy forms please call our office at 408-865-1365.

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In addition, please send any relevant reports that will help us understand your child and his or her needs. It is helpful to receive not only occupational therapy reports, but also psychological, medical or developmental assessments that you have. They can help us gain a quick understanding of other strengths and weaknesses that may impact our work with your child. If your only report seems “out of date” and you feel that it no longer reflects your child, we would still like to receive a copy. It can be helpful to see the areas of progress for your child, as well as any areas that may not have made such progress.

We accept checks, cash, debit cards and credit cards. We do not accept payment through insurance or managed care companies. We do provide receipts which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement for out-of-network, outpatient occupational therapy. Insurance will require a doctor referral with diagnosis(es). Please contact your insurance company with further questions regarding reimbursement rates.