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Development Is Child’s Play is committed to providing evidence-based, results oriented therapeutic treatment practice. We are interested in participating in research to demonstrate the efficacy of our treatment approach, but are not currently conducting research. Please visit the following sites for information on current research.

Children’s Comprehensive Health Guide – From Newborn to Preteen
Consumer Safety Guide
Going Back to School for Moms
Sensory Integration Global Network
Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation
Spiral Foundation
Temple University, Neuro-Behavioral Center
Thomas Jefferson University: Sensory Integration Laboratory Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Grace Baranek, PhD, OTR.
Vital Links-Therapeutic Listening
American Journal of Occupational Therapy: articles related to our work were published. Search AJOT, sensory integration.

Research at UCSF identified biological basis for sensory processing disorders.

Efficacy Articles

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Professional Resources

American Occupational Therapy Association

Occupational Therapy Association of California-state organization for OTs

Association of Pediatric Therapists-local professional organization for pediatric OTs, PTs, and Speech Therapists
California Board of Occupational Therapy-issues related to licensing or practice of OTs in CA