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Individual therapy is designed to address and remediate those deficit areas and the accompanying functional skills identified during an evaluation. Therapy involves a variety of engaging therapeutic interventions and strategies, with suggestions for ways that your child’s progress can be supported at home. Sessions are 50 minutes in length. The duration of treatment varies according to the identified difficulties, the individual’s neurological system, and the family’s ability to carry out supplemental therapy activities at home. Significant progress can generally be seen after 6 months of once a week intervention. It is not uncommon for some children to benefit from 50 to 80 sessions. Individuals with autism and other neurobiological disorders may continue to benefit from ongoing or periodic intervention as they age and environmental demands increase.

Development Is Child’s Play uses a child-centered approach. Many of our young clients benefit from learning to make a plan for the session using photos or “writing” a list. When developmentally able, the child is involved in making choices (which can be non-verbal) about therapy activities. This empowers the child and helps to increase the engagement and motivation of the child in the therapeutic process. Simultaneously, the therapist adapts the activity to achieve the “just right” challenge for that child.

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